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MLB Teams with a large discrepancy in splits

As I sat there watching Dallas Keuchel get lit up for yet another time this year (7 ER over 6IP) I started to look at his peripherals a bit and he’s gotten a bit unlucky but that’s for another post. I then looked at how Texas fairs against lefties and was a little surprised their at the top […]

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Analyzing the First Quarter of the 2016 MLB Season

The first quarter of the baseball season is always an intriguing one. You’ll often look at the standings and think “huh? are they really in first place” or as most optimistic fans would say “I told you this was their year”. In which case for Cubs fans it’s always their year oh wait, this year I […]

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MLB Dog Days of summer betting totals

If you’ve ever been to Atlanta or Texas in the summer it’s hot! Speaking first hand I’ve tried running in the mid-morning in both and was just exhausted and drenched in sweat 20 minutes later. Just sitting in the hot summer sun for an hour and you’ll be dying for some shade and water. In any sort of extreme […]

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Air Density and totals in baseball?

I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at the total for a Rockies game and thought there’s no way they score 11 runs today. Especially in the day and age where pitching dominates baseball and you’ll regularly see totals in the 6 and 6.5 range.  So I’ll often stay away from betting the total. Traveling […]

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