MLB Teams with a large discrepancy in splits

As I sat there watching Dallas Keuchel get lit up for yet another time this year (7 ER over 6IP) I started to look at his peripherals a bit and he’s gotten a bit unlucky but that’s for another post. I then looked at how Texas fairs against lefties and was a little surprised their at the top of the list in most offensive categories and towards the back of the pack against righties. I then started to look at a few other teams with large discrepancies in splits. I tried to find teams where their 2015 stats were in line with their current 2016 stats to see if they were just fluky or something useful. Here’s the teams I found:

The first column is their 2016 numbers as of 5/22 and the second is their 2015 stats.


This one surprised me a bit considering they have quite a few lefty regulars in Fielder, Odor, Mazara and Moreland (now those are 4 solid MLB players). But the Rangers have some impressive numbers against lefties including ranking 1st and 2nd in runs and hits in 2015 and are at the top of those categories in 2016.

vs. lefties

.274 BA (4th). .253 BA (16th)

54 runs (6th). 285 runs (1st)

112 hits (5th). 512 hits (2nd)

vs. righties

.246 BA (18th). .261 BA (10th)

136 runs (13th). 466 runs (24th)

255 hits (19th). 907 hits (28th)



Looking at Seattle’s lineup I actually expected their splits to be backwards quite frankly. Considering they have a plethora of solid left handed bats they can deploy in Aoki, Cano, Leonys Martin, Seager and Seth Smith.

vs. lefties

57 runs (1st). 233 runs (4th)

23 HRS (1st). 66 HRS (3rd)

113 hits (3rd). 489 hits (4th)

vs. righties

126 runs (24th). 423 runs (29th)

38 HRS (12th). 132 HRS (11th)

238 hits (28th) 890 hits (30th)


Tampa Bay

The Rays rather large discrepancy in splits isn’t that surprising. Their a righty heavy lineup and the lefties they have on the team in Miller, Morrison, Dickerson and Kiermaier aren’t exactly murders row.

vs. lefties

49 runs (7th).  225 (6th)

85 hits (11th). 436 hits (7th)

.439 SLG (6th). .435 SLG (3rd)

.751 OPS (10th). .759 OPS (6th)

vs. righties

106 runs (27th). 419 runs (30th)

214 hits (30th). 947. (25th)

.223 avg (29th). .248 (21st)

.295 OBP (27th). .310 OBP (22nd)

.415 SLG (12th). .393 SLG (24th)

.711 OPS (18th). .703 OPS (24th)



This ones a bit of a head scratcher since the Pirates are a righty heavy lineup and their only regular lefties are Polanco and John Jaso.  In fairness the Pirates AVG against lefties is towards the top of the pack. The only explanation I can offer up is that for whatever reason the Pirates rank towards the bottom in plate appearances against lefties. So this might actually balance out a bit if they had more plate appearances.

vs. lefties

28 runs (27th). 127 runs (28th).

71 hits (27th). 317 hits (25th).

10 HR (22nd). 28 HR (26th).

vs. righties

175 runs (4th). 560 runs (4th).

341 hits (2nd). 1145 hits (3rd).

112 HRs (17th). 29HR (23rd)

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